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Minervois Wine Tasting
The Little Minervois Wine Company

Try Before You BUY!

Buying wine is so much easier if you have tried it before you buy. So The Little Minervois Wine Company is offering to come to you with samples for you to try, as well as boxes ready to buy. FREE throughout Warwickshire. We are also offering 15% OFF your first order. If buying online use coupon code NC15.

Simply give Phil a call: 07941 412 772 and he will arrange a suitable time to bring along to your home samples of our fabulous Minervois Boxed Wines. We will have boxes on board ready to buy – when you find out how great these very special wines are.

There is no obligation to buy, but we would appreciate your feedback while you are tasting. Our boxes will last over 12 months and up to 6 weeks once opened. If you know of a party you might be having in the near future and are looking for wines to cater for the event, sampling would be a great way to find out about our great Minervois boxed wines.

The Little Minervois Wine Company

Phillip Chrimes | 6 Inchbrook Road, Kenilworth, Warwickshire. CV8 3EX

tel: 01926 853669 | 07941 412 772

Sharing the pleasure, culture and craft of wine


The Little Minervois Wines Company

You must be over the age of 18 to purchase the wine on this site. One delivery you will need to prove you are over the age of 18. This is a legal requirement that we adhere strictly too.

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